Senior Campus ( 7-10)

High school campus

The new Evelyn Scott School high school campus is ready for students to start their senior learning in the 2023 school year. The junior and senior campus sites will integrate to form a preschool to year 10 learning facility.

The senior school campus will accommodate up to 600 students and will offer both indoor and outdoor learning areas. This will be the first high school in the Molonglo Valley. Evelyn Scott School’s senior campus features integrated learning environments for all students, speciality learning environments, great outdoor learning and play areas, and secure bicycle parking and storage.

Behind the scenes: what life will be like for Years 7 to 10 students at Evelyn Scott School

Senior Campus FAQs

How do you use the Australian Curriculum at ESS?

We deliver contemporary education across a P-10 cohort and all learning is driven by inquiry. We utilise the Achievement Standards within the Australian Curriculum to purposefully co-design engaging learning. We have embedded a Future Focused Learning Continuum that begins with play-based learning in the preschool moving to inquiry based learning in the primary school and then project-based learning in the high school. It is the art and skill of the teacher to utilise the Australian Curriculum to co-develop academically rigorous and relevant projects with the students. We have a very clear learning structure that all teachers follow currently and this will be extended into our high school next year.

For more details about our learning approach, please check out an article on our website  FFL at ESS

Will you be an IB school?

No. We have our own brand of Future Focused Learning. In a similar way to IB, at the core of Future Focused Learning is an inquiry based approach.

Which Specialist subjects/Elective subjects will be available?

We will aim to deliver the standard elective subjects in our Senior Campus. We will source teachers for the elective options. If there is an issue, we will work with families on possibilities and solutions.

Will you have Vocational training/ASBA opportunities at ESS?

Vocational training, career planning and ASBA opportunities are very important inclusions to a student’s learning program in the high school years. We will have staff who will assist students with career planning and work experience as a part of our Hub Team (Student Services area).

What will learning look like across the school? 

Evelyn Scott School is a P-10 school and so we will be working on building a strong continuation of learning from junior to senior students. We are building a connected school in order to minimise transitions, particularly from Year 6 to Year 7. We will include leadership opportunities for students in the Senior Campus next year.

What is the process for OOA enrolments?

Our Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) has been formally announced earlier this year. Our Senior Campus’s PEA is all of Whitlam, all of Denman Prospect, all of Molonglo (even though it hasn’t been built yet), all of Wright and all of Coombs. These suburbs form the PEA for Canberra College but Whitlam will be in a PEA Shared Zone between Hawker College and Canberra College. All families are welcome to submit an enrolment application. Each enrolment is assessed due to their individual circumstances by the Principal against a specific set of criteria.

You can read more about enrolment information for our school here.

If you have any questions about enrolment, we will happily support you with this process. Please contact our Enrolments Officer, Jessica Schroder on 02 6142 3492.

Will you have ICT/Chromebooks?

Yes. As an ACT public school, all students will have access to appropriate ICT and Chromebooks. The school will also have interactive Smartboards and iPads for use in classrooms.

Will you have a high school uniform?

Yes. Workin’ Gear at Fyshwick will be our uniform supplier for our high school. The uniform style and school logo was chosen in 2020 by the school community as part of a YourSay Campaign. All uniform items will be available towards the end of the year and the beginning of 2023 in preparation for the new school year ahead. Uniforms can be ordered online or purchased in store.

Please see the order list here

Will you have book packs?

Yes. Please see the link below for a list of 2023 Stationery requirements.

ESS 2023 Senior Campus Stationery List

How are the Outdoor Learning Spaces used?

Outdoor learning spaces are as important as our indoor learning spaces. We have wonderful green outdoor spaces for students to enjoy. We also have age-appropriate playground equipment for the senior years to utilise for relays, human movement and social games.

What is the Community Room?

The Community Room is purpose-built for community use. We have held family meetings in this room. After school activities for our students such as Coding Club and Young Engineers also use this space. Our Chess Club uses it during lunchtimes too. It is a family friendly environment for collaborative experiences between school and home

How does Evelyn Scott School implement concepts of environmental sustainability?

Evelyn Scott School won the 2022 MBA Awards for the building’s environmentally friendly design. Please see video here

We teach Environmental Stewardship as a whole school global concept. We have solar panels on our buildings and it is a zero emissions school. We have included a chicken shed with 4 chickens, vegetable gardens for children to use and nature play areas where children enjoy natural surroundings. In the primary school, we have digging pits and a mud kitchen and 90% of construction materials used on site were recycled.

Do you have a P&C?

No, not yet. This is something that we will continue to explore as we grow in size. We will keep you updated.

Can you provide some more details about your School Board?

We are privileged to have a wonderfully active and supportive School Board. The Leadership Team worked hard to establish our School Board in 2021. Our Board Chair is Ms Melanie Coffill. We have Ms Charmaene Scott, one of Dr Evelyn Scott’s daughters, on our School Board. We are grateful for her contribution and the special connection that we have with Dr Evelyn Scott’s family.

Do you have a Canteen?

Whilst we have fantastic canteen facilities, complete with junior and senior serveries, we have not established a school canteen yet. This is because it relies upon securing a canteen provider who is willing to hire the facilities. It is very difficult to run a successful school canteen with a small student population. Our goal is to work with Strategic Procurement at the end of 2023 to commence work on this inclusion to our school.

How will Evelyn Scott School value Student Wellbeing?

Student Wellbeing is incredibly important and we have invested heavily in this area. We have already built a highly experienced Wellbeing Team led by Wellbeing Coach dedicated to building teachers’ capacity in the Junior Campus. We have recently recruited a Wellbeing Coach for our Senior Campus. We understand that wellbeing and learning are inextricably linked. We already explicitly teach wellbeing skills like mindfulness, resilience and self-regulation and this will continue next year into the high school. Mental health is a priority when working with adolescents and our Wellbeing Team is well-equipped to support our students. A Youth Worker and a School Psychologist also work in this team.  I look forward to recruiting more paraprofessionals (social workers, youth workers etc) to join our Wellbeing Team as our school population grows.

Will there be After school activities?

As we grow, we will continue to add after school activities that align with student’s interests.

Does Evelyn Scott School have capability to hire facilities to community?

Currently, our school gym is hired by Basketball ACT and Roller Derby associations. We do have limited capacity to hire some facilities and if you are interested, please contact our Business Manager.

How does the school manage complaints/feedback?

Evelyn Scott School highly values working in partnership with families. We are committed to work with you to resolve issues transparently and collaboratively.

Please see the link to the ACT Education Directorate’s Complaint Policy here

Will your school have sports, band, enrichment activities?

As a new school which commenced operation during the complexities of COVID, we have had limited opportunity to establish after school programs and enrichment opportunities. As we grow, it will be easier to take on after school activities and other enrichment partnerships with community organisations. We are committed to working with our community in the future to investigate providers that would use the school’s facilities to deliver programs that students and families would like such as martial arts, band or the IMP, music lessons, sports etc. At the moment, we run a Coding Club and also a Young Engineers Program - both are very popular.

What is the language offered at Evelyn Scott School? 

Our language is Japanese.

What are the class sizes for high school?

We are required to adhere to the policy which is 32 in Years 7 and 8 and 30 in Years 9 and 10. In technology or variable usage classes it is 24. We anticipate using a blended composite class arrangement because this process supports a growing school.

How does your school communicate with families?

We send home vibrant and comprehensive newsletters on a monthly basis. We have made a conscious decision to not engage in any social media platform, so we do not have a Facebook page. Instead, we provide effective and efficient communication via frequent emails home and our monthly newsletters. We have a Showcase process in place which will be extended to the high school. During Showcases, students present their work and learning to their families and friends. We will also have regular Pathways Planning and Goal Sharing Interviews. Additionally, we encourage you to speak directly with your child’s teacher if you have any questions, emailing in the first instance is the most efficient way to make contact