Naming Day 2022

Naming Day 2022

Artist: Lynnice Letty Church

Tribes: Ngunnawal Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi

Title: Bugang (Bogong Moth) in Ngunnawal Language

Artwork Meaning

The artwork symbolises the journey of the bogong moth and its migration path across Ngunnawal Country.

The bogong moth and its journey is significant to Ngunnawal people because it comes at a time of abundance. This is symbolised by the yellow dots of wattle (Namarag) which grows in this area and where the rivers were used as pathways and places for camping. Our people and surrounding tribes came together for culture, ceremony, trade, marriages and the sharing of knowledge. This is symbolised by the U shapes. The inner circle symbolises a place of connection and the guiding light for the bogong moths who fly out over this place towards the rocky crevices.