Class borrowing days

Term 3 Library borrowing days

Our learners will visit the library with their class on the day listed in the table.

They are able to return and borrow books any day and do not have to wait for their library day.

We encourage learners to bring a library bag to keep the books safe. They may borrow if they do not have one.

There is no limit on how many books our learners may borrow. We encourage them to read widely and often.

As a guide, 4 books is a reasonable number to expect them to remember.

Library borrowing dayClass
Monday2T Superb Fairy Wrens
Preschool Kookaburras
Preschool Rosellas
4/5R Ravens
TuesdayKH Honeyeaters
ThursdayKT Parrots
Preschool Eagles
Friday1K  Kingfishers
1O Owls