Frequently Asked Questions

Services and Programs

Will there be a Learning Support Unit available?

The School Principal and staff will work together with parents/carers to ensure the needs of all students are met. What this means in terms of the structure of classes and learning will become clearer as students enrol at the school and those needs are identified.

What specialist subjects will be offered?

At Evelyn Scott School, we have recruited specialist teachers to connect learners with specialist curriculum areas. Our chosen language will be Japanese, and students will learn about the language and the fascinating culture of Japan. Daniel Manestar, our Executive Teacher will deliver Japanese lessons to children across the school. We highly value the arts and creativity and Music will be delivered by our specialist Music teacher, Byron Luck. Health and Wellbeing is a critically important part of social and emotional development and engaging lessons will be delivered by our Movement Teacher, Ross Dennis.

Will out of school hours care be available at the school?

Yes. The service will be available from the start of the 2021 school year and will accept children in preschool through to year 6.

Woden Community Services are our OSHC provider and you can learn more about their service in this flyer. Woden Community Services are currently organising their service approval and formal enrolments will open once this has been approved. In the meantime, their Enrolments Team are ready to collect your child’s name and information so that they can have a space ready for you and can get in contact once the enrolment process has opened. The team can be contacted at or 6147 3318.

When will the P&C be established?

The Principal will work with the school community to establish the P&C and interim School Board in term 1, 2021.

Getting ready for school in 2021

When can I buy the school uniform?

Uniforms can be ordered online from The School Locker and delivered to your home or collected from the uniform pop-up shop at Evelyn Scott School on the 19 and 28 January 2021.

The pop-up uniform shop will be open on 19 January 2021 from 8am-11am, and 28 January 2021 from 2pm-5pm. Order by Friday 15 January 2021 to collect your orders at the 19 January pop-up shop, and order by Monday 25 January to collect your orders at the 28 January pop-up shop.  For more information, please visit

Will you have a dress as part of the school uniform?


Is hijab part of the school uniform, like the picture about the new uniform design?

Yes, the school uniform will include a full suite of items for summer and winter.  This includes dresses, jackets, jumpers, hoodies, and long-sleeved shirts), a selection of hats, head dresses and wraps, and skorts.

The Facilities

Will there be gardens for the students?

There will be a range of landscaped areas throughout the school grounds for students and staff. These areas will include play spaces, outdoor learning environments, sensory terraces and planter beds.

Is there extra parking for use of the sports facilities out of school hours?


Is there a community room available - with easy access to the public for out of hours events?

As the school is opening in stages there may not be community facilities available immediately. Once the building is complete in mid-2021 community rooms will be available, potential hirers will need to negotiate the after-hours use with the schools Business Manager.

Will my sports club/community group be able to hire the gym/hall or the other sport facilities?

As the school is opening in stages there may not be community facilities available immediately. The gym/hall will be available from mid-2021, potential hirers will need to negotiate the after-hours use with the schools Business Manager.

Facilities can be hired on a one-off or regular basis for meetings and activities by community groups and organisations in line with the Directorate’s Community Use of Facilities Policy.

Will solar panels be used at the school?

The school will have solar panels located on multiple roof spaces to assist in reaching the ACT government carbon neutral targets. These panels will provide approximately 100KWp, which equates to approximately 25% of the annual anticipated electricity usage.