Future Focused Learning at Evelyn Scott School

10 Aug 2021

Put simply, the education that served us as either Baby Boomers or Generation X/Y no longer serves our children. Contemporary learning means preparing for a shifting future that requires skills and knowledge, citizenship, connection to culture and the environment and capacity to solve complex problems with creative approaches.

The term ‘Future Focused Learning’ will be used at Evelyn Scott School and it refers to all the components that define the contemporary style of learning that educators will deliver. There are 10 components in total, here is a snapshot of some of them:

During our 2020 Family Meetings and throughout 2021, the Leadership team unpacked our contemporary approach to learning. This allowed us to answer questions and clarify details of play-based and inquiry-based learning. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and I want to thank families for their support of this evidence-based and academically rigorous learning methodology

As a Future Focused school, we will learn through play-based and inquiry-based approaches that connects learners and their learning to the world. We are very excited to authentically engage with the ACT Future of Education Strategy and all its possibilities. Please find link to ACT Future of Education Strategy here: https://www.education.act.gov.au/our-priorities/future-of-education/resources/The-Future-of-Education-An-ACT-Education-Strategy-for-the-Next-Ten-Years

All 90 ACT public schools will utilise this Strategy as a roadmap for the next decade. We are in a unique and fantastic position as a new school with highly skilled educators to implement all the components of Future Focused Learning right from the start!

We have sourced a high quality and user-friendly digital platform to enhance the ways in which parents can be involved in the learning journeys of their children. Formative assessment means that we will provide regular updates about your child’s progress and this platform will allow this to occur. It will also assist teachers to plan quality lessons mapped to the Australian Curriculum in a highly efficient manner. You will receive more information about how to use this platform and a consent form in the next newsletter.

At Evelyn Scott School, we have recruited specialist teachers to connect learners with specialist curriculum areas. Our chosen language will be Japanese, and students will learn about the language and the fascinating culture of Japan. Daniel Manestar, our Executive Teacher will deliver Japanese lessons to children across the school. We ensure that our learners have access to the creative arts and in classrooms learners will engage with opportunities to sing, dance and create visual art and music. Health and Wellbeing is a critically important part of social and emotional development and engaging holistic lessons will be delivered by our Movement Teacher, Ross Dennis.

Finally, connection to culture and the environment will be embedded in the learning experiences for all of our children. Our brand new playgrounds reflect our commitment to nature play and developing our children’s relationship with the environment. Digging pits, garden beds and vibrant playgrounds will form the basis of our outdoor learning spaces and they will be as important as our classrooms. Children in both the primary school and the preschool will be encouraged to use their imagination and use ‘loose parts’ safely to build their own games and activities as teachers foster joyful curiosity.

Future Focused learning inspires children to ask questions and build their skills as self-directed learners. At Evelyn Scott School, we want our learners to have control and agency and this means that they have choice and voice in their learning experiences.

Outdoor learning occurs alongside cultural integrity. We are very lucky to have such an inspirational namesake as Dr Evelyn Scott. This offers us a wonderful opportunity to connect students with the culture and longstanding history of First Nations people.