Harmony Day

26 Mar 2021

During Week 7, Evelyn Scott School staff, learners, families and community came together to celebrate our very first Harmony Day in our playground. This is a time to celebrate Australia’s multiculturalism. At Evelyn Scott School, we highly value diversity and viewed Harmony Day as a great opportunity to promote inclusion. All learners across the school have been engaging in a whole school unit of inquiry around community. The Evelyn Scott School Team used this opportunity to learn more about the diverse cultures, celebrations, traditions, and languages within our school. We aim to build an understanding and respect for the different cultures within our community.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” – Corella Scott

We celebrated Harmony Day by dressing in traditional clothing or wearing orange which signifies communication and encourages mutual respect. It was great to see so many children and families in traditional and colourful dress and vibrant orange.

Celebrating within learning spaces looked like meaningful discussions, map displays, artwork, and orange streamers in our outdoor spaces. Our current inquiry on Community aligned perfectly with Harmony Day and so it was a great way to commence this new unit of work. Learners enjoyed decorating little wooden people which signified the wonderfully diverse community we are all lucky to be a part of. This is now proudly on display in our front office. After school, we invited learners and their families to stay at school for a community picnic where we shared in conversations with families, performed a traditional Hindu dance and ate traditional foods.

The theme for Harmony Day 2021 is ‘Everyone Belongs’. At Evelyn Scott School, we will continue to work hard to ensure that all of our children and families feel that they belong to our school. This theme is a wonderful theme for our Foundation Year because one of our strategic priorities is to “develop students’ belonging and connection to the school.” We genuinely understand that we are creating a new school in the heart of a new suburb and we want to authentically involve our community in this endeavour.

Harmony Day 2021 was the first of many more opportunities to celebrate with our school community. Thanks again to all who participated - we are very lucky to work with such an incredibly rich and culturally-diverse community at Evelyn Scott School.